Duration : May 13th - 18th ,2014

         2014 APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Ministerial Meeting and Senior Officials Meeting will be held in Qingdao in early May. The APEC summit meeting not only opens a window of the world to know the new Qingdao, but also brings a international vision and experience to Qingdao. To show the support of this fair, Qingdao Bureau of Commerce, together with Qingdao Foreign Investment Service Centre and International Purchasing Promotion Association will hold 2014 APEC (Qingdao) Branding Products Show.

         Quality imported goods form APEC members will be exhibited in the 5-days’fair. By inviting professional buyers and arranging face-to-face business negotiation, the fair provides effective channel for the overseas exhibitors to explore Chinese market. The fair will also diversify the local citizen’s choices of commodities and enhance their consumption level.

APEC (Qingdao) Import Products Show 2014 / Qingdao

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